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From the central location of crux constellation over the central Kenya region, the surrounding constellations of Carina, Centaurus, Musca, Puppis, Volans, Dorado can be placed for their approximate locations. Knowledge of the terrain of the respective regions is relevant in appreciating how the stars relate to their congruent landscape. The earth navel from which this relationship is established is the Axis Mundi, the world tree, ot tree of life. Turtle island, the continents of the America are on the opposite side of the globe. This was the basis of the depiction of a turtle bearing the earth and the tree of life in its midst, as in a caricature symbolizing the science as was known. Download Image...

east africa constellations over map match

The same map and constellations are shown below for the region of Kenya and surrounding lands. The relationship of the earth in relation to the constellations of the heavens, is prove of creation, and creation is proove of God. Other than illustrating the earth's hydrological cycle relevant landscapes, the heavens being compared to the earth, holds the key of identifying the subteranean properties of the earth. The minerals lying underneath the surface of the earth can be identified simply by knowledge of the astronomical relation of the heavens to the earth. Download image...

east africa with corresponding constellations

Deep sky objects, as shown for the region of East Africa on the map below, are actually symbols of the underlying mineral resources for the region. The water holding regions of the planet though are a little defficient of the mineral wealth and oil, by design, else the exploitation of the minerals would damage their water-based potential. water being the most expedient of all resources, has in antiquity been properly regarded. Only the recent civilisation of humans is careless in regard to water management, and in knowledge of the most important attributes of living. Download image...

deepsky objects over east africa maps

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