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The mystery of the Giza pyramids, and especially the pyramid og Kyufu, is actually to realte with the geograpgy of the nile delta as is amtched by the stars of the belt of orion. The rest of the nile delta by use of this key, of which the three ancient sacred locations of which both the pyramids and the belt stars are symbolic, can be ascertained through knowledge of the origins of Egypt, of which there exists plenty of retrievable information. The Giza plateau and location was matched with the star Alnitak, and Bubastis with Mintaka. Decay in the religion of ancient Egypt and of their science within subsequent generations resulted in the loss of the divine knowledge, that the earth was a mirror image of the heaves that revolved around it. Download image...

niledelta and stars

The rest of the constellation of Orion can be matched from this legend, to the rest of surrounding lands towards the four cardinal points. To the north is the Meditarenean and the land of Turkey, of which we find the match of the Taurus constellation to the Taurus mountains, equally named from an association of ancient times. Download image...

orion and taurus land

The taurus mountains match up with the Alpha notation of the Taurus constellation, evidence of the association of the earth terrain to its astronomical origins. The Pleiades region is also within the geogrphical landscapes of Turkey. The stars and constellations of heaven are the instructions that the earth requires in order to optimally utilize the earth resources, towards the enhancement of earth's life support potential. Download image...

taurus stars and land


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