the arcane perpetual guardians of the esoteric and ethereal earth science. is for sharing about the meaning of select aspects of the culture of the Agîkûyû, which I've researched since the year 2012, and relate that the great secrets of this hegemony regards the arcane science of the tree of life, and the paradise on earth as once was, and again shall be. The science of the Axis mundi is the key to reversing the generational degeneration of the planet and the life within it, which are now manifesting in the global crisis as orchestrated by climate change. The tree of life, other than being the common factor of all religion, is the essential and tangible lesson of morality. It is the little piece of faith as a mustard seed that grows to be the great oak and relates the creation to their origins, sustenance and destiny. It is the key of faith that opens the door to the realms of the spirits; either the good or the evil, and the evidence for the existence of God, and to finding N-gai .

My journey to enlightenment commenced the day I was born. I learnt to suckle. I did not die then. I lived. My baba taught me to read Gîkûyû by my fifth year, before I learnt to read in any other language. I was thus lucky to learn first to both speak and read the language of my ancestors. But unfortunately we stopped at that then. Formal school came and for following many years, just as the curriculum required, we chased after education. It was mainly the education of the Europeans. The only education we ever got regarding our own culture within this formal set up, was to be informed that our history was only a myth, a fable or a legend. That it had never happened in reality. The long and short of it, we were taught to ignore our culture.

But the European education could not avail me answers to the questions that kept recurring in my life. It was even contrary to itself, regarding the origins, creation or evolution. And it could not satisfactorily explain the nature around me. Except for the craft that I required to be employed, by the industrial complexes, which serves the white man at its helm, and the rest of us disposed to the lower ranks.

I supposed perhaps there could be answers to my wondering for the knowledge base of my ancestors. They were all dead of course, the ancient ones who had named our lineage, and probably the land we’ve lived in. Thus my discoveries were obtained from the quest for the origins of the names and ways of the Agîkûyû. There was much that one could not find out from the existing platforms, parents, cultural institutions as well as the academia. As a human being endowed with an inquisitive capacity as well as temerity to learn, I set out to discover for myself that which was not known of. The meaning of the names given to persons, and especially my own given names were my initial quest.
My middle name Karaja, I found to be shared by both a village in India as well as the name of a tree. This kind of pleased me, to finally locate a probable source of my name. But they too did not provide a meaning for the name of this village, or this tree. The local sources only associated the name to a probable meaning, which was not linked to the rest of the names of persons in Gîgîkûyû. I took upon searching for what any of these names meant from any other languages of the world. My family name Kînyanjui, I found related to Njui, which meant a mad seer in some South American language. It also meant a flower in an Indian derivation. The Kînya, I knew referred to a large gourd. This at least I could relate my family name to a gourd for a flower, or or for a mad seer. But to qualify any of these meanings, I had to relate the languages I had found them, to the Agîkûyû. Just searching for two items would not enable me formulate any hypothesis or any solid discoveries.

In widening my quest to location names, it thus I discovered that most of my quest had meanings in Sanskrit and related languages, more frequently that in any other. Some names were expressly derived from Sanskrit. I familiarize myself with the way names and meanings of sounds were composed in Sanskrit, and discovered that Gîkûyû words were of similar structure. That by knowing the independent meanings expressed in the phonemes composing a word, I could discover the meaning of that particular word.

Back to my name, Ka-flowing water, Soul; Ra-light, fire, hear, possessing, giving; Ja- victory or birth. What is born from the flow of water and that of warmth but abundance of life? Raja by itself meant king. Kara means perfect. That my name meant the perfect victory was invigorating. (Could also mean the flowing waters of the king) Or the king of the flowing waters.  

And for my family name, Kî-nya-njui, I found was associated to a great and wide flower. There is a small sunbird which is beautifully coloured and that sucks out the nectar from flowers, that I found share a derivative of my name, Kanya-njui. So my family name would have meant a giant sunbird of this species. The bird is associated to flowers, but is also as colourful which qualifies it as a kind of flower. It is also a pretty jovial and chattering bird.  The phonemes in the name refer to great and wide base of mystical knowledge following.  Flowers are beautiful. As in one supposed to be repository of a great and broad spectrum of knowledge not commonly observed, simply, a really great mystic or seer, who being misunderstood by the common people, is supposed to be kind of loose in the head, a really mad crazed seer.
I’m also given the Hebrew name of Jehohanan-Yahweh’s gift. It’s the English name John, in case you didn’t know. Other than being wonderfully made, I was also wonderfully named. Having settled for the great meanings of my names, I aspired to live up to what my ancestors had aspired for in the names they gave to my lineage. And to the one my parents augmented in their new conversion. 

The understanding of mysteries, to find the perfection of victory, and to appreciate the gifts of God, as generations had colluded to entitle me, was actually my true destiny, in which I would find the satisfactory answers to the philosophy of existence.  I began to inquest the rest of the Agîkûyû mysteries by the use of the attribution of phoneme meanings to the mound which traditionally have been taken for granted. I found that names of the Kenyan topography were of dynamic meanings when so analysed. The names actually described the scientific features of their targets, as I would observe from knowledge of some of these places, and from internet searches.

Eventually I had to quest for Gatûndû, meaning and geographical location. And that is how I encountered the little known mysteries of the land of Gîkûyû. I have since then, been continually researching the land, and its mysteries, equipped with the method of analysing its richly coded nouns. The wealth of knowledge I’ve discovered was so much enthralling that I only had time to quest deeper and wider. But what value is knowledge if it is not acted upon? And how would people react to knowledge they are not aware of? This site is set up to the purpose of sharing the great but archaic knowledge of the Agîkûyû, specifically the knowledge which regards four sky and earth divisions of the waters. It is the mismanagement, mostly through ignorance, which is the cause of the global crisis as manifested in the climate change narrative. Healing of the tree of life, would in turn heal the land. To heal the tree requires a paradigm shift in both science and how humans relate to creation, the Creator and fellow humans.

The truth of earth origins, the tangible science, reality must once again be learnt, which in turn truly advises the cause and effect of our choices as men. Humans need to safeguard themselves totally from behaviours that destroy the tree of life, the geographic as well as the metaphysical aspects. Humans need to rediscover the power of God. Humans need to find God.

Or else, we kill the tree of life, and the earth with it. And we all perish, infinitely.

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