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Terrestrial Evidence

In the relation of Eden, and that of the tree of life, proponents in failing to understand the science and geographies of these symbols dismiss them as having only been of historucal relevance. The common assertions, which are essentially merely opportunistic, vary between that the garden of Eden and the tree of life were destroyed and covered by the flood waters of Noah. Others refer that the tree of life was traslocated to the heaven and no longer exists on earth. The tree of life being the metaphor for the structure by which the Source of life transfers its essence to global ecosystem, and is critical to the continuity of existence within the planet. The death of this tree, or its removal from the earth, would translate to the death of all the life that is linked to the Creator through that system. Just akin to removing a tree from one garden, all the nesting birds upon that tree, and all who fed from its fruits must either find another source of their sustenance, or perish. The earth, as with any other inhabited planet, was given only the one tree of life positioned at the central location of the earth, and the Ed-eni. Inspite of the original sin by our human ancestors, the tree would not be removed from the earth, as that would have resulted in the immediate ceasation of all life on the earth. Rather, this tree was to be kept, as in both guraded, and commemorated, so as humanity would not forget of its central relevance in the affairs of the planet. This remained so for many ages, the location of Edeni, and of the tree of life, being the ultimate and most jealously guarded secret of the world. Until the rest of the world forgot of the origins, and in their ignorance began to systematically destroy the tree of life.

The great mystery of the Agîkûyû, which was the hub of their culture and the subject of the ituîka is the identity of their land as the prime of all the lands on the planet. The same mystery has remained the greatest and most valuable of secrets for the earth. The evidence for this is well documented upon the land itself, and integrated within their hegemony. This knowledge was held with the greatest of esteem and utmost secrecy, to protect the earth from adverse use of this key.  For this key, being the gateway to the heavens is also the gateway to the nether world. He who holds this key of knowledge in reality is the gatekeeper of the world. The key was as such not held by any one individual, but was the property of the entire Agîkûyû nation from the beginning of creation until its ephemeral loss within the last century. Rather than surrender their birthright and creme of cultural knowledge to the invading armies of colonialists, which had divided the society in the middle, the elders opted to leave the matter up with the eternal N-gai, and chose to withhold the public dissemination of their wisdom, as they also were aware of the evidence that lay strewn globally in cognizance of this knowledge, and as was narrated in the Ngû-cû dance.

Nîngûgîra aira (mystical light witnesses) or
Nîngûgîra aira...(I will bring forth witnesses/that of yesterday)
Ciana ikona gîa kwîhaka (So the descendants shall get what to apply)
Rwambo rûru no rwa itimû  (It is only evil to set up that which would cause the perpetual forgetfulness of(spear)     
Keri-nyaga Îîiyo  (The giver of life in its breadth and prominence-tree of life)
Aeee, Aee Îîiyo... (Indeed it is so, we agree)

In retracing the evidence that the sages of the Agîkûyû set up for a future generation as ours to discover, and revive the quintessential earth science of the tree of life, the first discovery is of the leyline between the Keri-Nyaga and Sai-keri. It is along this leyline that the chief shrines of the Agîkûyû culture are located. The better known of these shrines is the Mûkûrwe wa Nyagathanga. The knowledge of the rest of the shrines, their purpose and origins was part of the knowledge passed on during the generational handing over of power, and knowledge, and as such have not been common knowledge within the current generation, of the uninitiated in the Ûgîkûyû mysteries. Not even the current elderly of the Agîkûyû are privy to this knowledge in its entire configuration, although few may know something or other of some of these shrines. The ulterior and reprehensible use of some of the knowledge of the guardianship of the gateways is globally on the increase, which implies the death dealing facet of the mysteries has continued to thrive, at the expense of the other live enhancing scope. The four shrines named Gatû-ndû, together with that of Karura forest are along this leyline as illustrated on the maps below.

leylines of central kenya sacred shrines

The meaning of Gatû-ndû in Gîkûyû may be obtained by separating the names Gatû- and ndû, where the prefix means ‘attentive ear’, and the suffix ‘mystery/secret/what’. The compound name thus refers to a mystery that requires attentive consideration to be comprehended. In creation language, Ga defines attribute/tangibility/wealth, the tû and ndû are both definitive of a question hence double mystery. The name thus implies a tangible mystery of importance.

Starting from the Mount Keri-nyaga side, the first Gatûndû is in Karatina, Nyeri and at the location is a patch of a ridge with remnants of a sacred gove now only a few trees, about four in number, completly choked out modern infrastructure and settlement. Quest "gatundu primary school, nyeri."

The second location is in Mathioya and has the Water fall of River Kayahwe. The area too is surrounded by diverse human activity and farms, despite its steep sloping valleys. Kayahwe, means the River of Yahweh, the same name of God to the Hebrews, which was anglicised to Jehovah. Incidentally God by the name of YHWY, ( YaHaWaYa-What is seen is as I am or What I am is as is seen). Quest "gatundu primary school, Muranga"

The third location is pretty interesting as it alludes to the nature of this mystery. The location is at Kandara hill, where there is a shrine with a grove of two intertwining Mûgumo trees, that is called; Mûtî wa Ngai, which is to say, ‘Tree of God’. To name a location specifically as the ‘tree of God’ is pretty mystifying. ‘N-gai’ being the Gîkûyû name for God has its etymology from Maasai ‘En-Kai’ phonetically one and the same. ‘En-Kai’ is derived from ‘Eni-Kai’ which is the ‘spring of the flow of souls’ and also ‘spring of the flow of waters’. The ‘tree of the spring of the flow of waters/souls’ is therefore a depiction with potential ramifications and inferences. Quest "gatundu cathoric church, kandara, muranga"

The fourth location is the most extensive and contains the rest of the detail of this mystery. At the particular location is the feature again of a sacred waterfall, along the river Thîrîrîka. The region is in Kî-ambu, a name which means 'great mother' in creation language. Kî-great/mystical, a-origins, beginning, ma-truth/water, bu-existence, hence the name actually detones as the 'great and mystical origin of water/truth and/of existence. maitû and mother. Quest "gatundu, kiambu"

As distinct as these locations, with their specific linear configuration are, and warranted their rich cultural heritage, they remain unrecognised in their cultural value and are nigh in the verge of becoming lost to oblivion. Once again the mystical number four is encountered within the cultural practice of the Gîkûyû nation. There are another two Gatûndû locations in Kenya, the one in Kitui in the east, and another at Muhoroni in the west. They would intersect with the line between the Mt Kenya and Ngong hills at some point in the Central Kenya region. These ancient monuments all point and identify a particular mystery about the land which indeed is worth further inquisition. The mystery refer to the tree of the origin of the waters of the world, the earth’s Axis Mundi, Ta-Kenset, the Eden or Shambhala paradise, from which flowed the river that bifurcated into four head waters to water the planetary sphere. The evidence to illustrate each relation is readily adducible from history and the eminent facts. Eden may be transcribed as Eda-eni which again means the ‘tower spring’ or the ‘central spring’ as also some Hebrew interpretations describe. Could the Gîkûyû be than identity of the ancient paradise? The name Gîkûyû itself means the ‘great and deep mystery’ and also the ‘great deep well’, of knowledge, and the waters if sampled in Sanskrit.

In regard to the association to Shambhala the line of Kings may be interpreted as a literal line of monuments, monuments that hold the secrets to unveiling the nature and reality of reviving the world from its death pangs. This line is the Gatûndû alignment, whose equivalent may probably not be found anywhere else in the world, except within the confines of this otherwise elusive once-was-paradise. The king as repository of the secrets and wisdom of the land finds equivalence to the functions of these monuments. The king is Mû-tha-maki, -'the of containing diverse truths', and among the Agîkûyû, athamaki were the learned scholars of the diverse mysteries, whether or not they had dominion over populations. The land of East Africa was clearly named in a language similar to Sanskrit, as also other locations on the earth mystically were. In East Africa, this definite etymology is scientific based educating the attentive brains to the secrets of the land and to its most appropriate use and tenure. Thus in East Africa the land itself in its original names is a record of the wisdom of nature and the secrets of salvaging the world, the region itself included, from the path of ruin its presently lost in pursuit of.

‘For centuries the people of Tibet and Mongolia have believed in the existence of Shambhala where a line of enlightened kings is said to be guarding the highest wisdom for a time when all spiritual values in the world outside will be lost in war and destruction. Then, according to prophecy, a great king will come out of this sanctuary to defeat the forces of evil and establish a golden age.’ The way to Shambhala; Edwin Bernbaum.

Both Eden and Shambhala have been the subject of prolific debate in regard to their authenticity and probable locations. There exist ancient texts that posit and describe the locations of these sacred locations. The misinterpretation of such texts, and the zeal to discover ‘enlightenment’ however results in suggestions of these locations which by large fail to satisfy the complete set of the locations’ description. The prevalent justification and excuse in the failure to locate and expound on such locations is that they are ethereal and probably lost for the present times. Such notions defeat the general logic of the same texts and evidences that esteem to describe the nominal locations. Why would so much effort and significance have been placed throughout many eons to describe the location of a place that was only ephemeral in the distant past, and that no longer can be located have any bearings to the present and future? The meaning of the names suggests locations, which although not readily perceived by the common person, can nevertheless be derived and found after the transcribed formula and hints should be correctly decoded. The key is to discover the legend and science by which the locations are transcribed and to meet most, if not all of their descriptions.

The location of Eden is succinctly described in the book of Genesis in the bible after the ancient science of those times. The writer being presumptuous that that science was common knowledge only went ahead to describe the location based on the four world headwaters, today known as the rivers from Eden. The science used was Duality, then the common and established natural science which compared the stars in the skies to the landmarks upon the earth. As strange as it may sound, Duality is heuristic, real and tangible as one may take the care to find out. This is what is also called the Alpha Rogito, the first legal deed by which the ownership of the earth is recorded. A deed of title may also spell out succinctly the proper and ideal use recommended for the property, just as a detailed users manual goes with the receipt of purchase of a piece of equipment. When a proven correlation between the heavens and specific locations on the planet earth exist, then it can be illustrated that the earth was articulately fashioned and was not from an arbitrary evolution process. It is akin to holding the exceptional blue-prints to a structure to prove that one is the architect, and likewise the land and building titles to prove ownership. The blue-prints of the heavens just happen to be the earth itself, while the blue-print of the earth itself just happens to be the heavens as observed from the location point of earth, with a simple matrix to encode the data. This is the relationship that inspired the monuments of antiquity on all the continents of the world still extant. It is only strange, that this simple relation the earth holds to the heavens has been elusive to the educated mind of the modern scientists, in spite of all the ancient clues left for our benefit by our ancestors. The modern scientists opt for complexity where simplicity would be the solution. It is on such criterion that the harnessing of the atom is preferred to more fully exploiting the magnanimous energy resource that is the distant sun. The energy from the sun is in fact too much for the earth and its proper utilisation would more than fulfil all the earth’s energy requirements sans the negative radioactive wastes and jeopardy that the splitting of the atom generates. It is also a lot simpler and more productive to properly harness the sun than to create the miniscule suns found in the atomic power houses. Man however chooses that which is complex, precarious, difficult and of least advantage, rather than the simple and fully advantageous options. Duality is this other option that has so long been ignored to the extent that it is not even conceived in spite of its eminent objectivity.   

The location of Eden by the science of duality would prove that the earth is created, and after the pattern of the heavens and as such belongs to its Creator. The proof of duality likewise would locate the ancient land Eden and other lands by comparison. Duality other than locating Eden entails a wide scope of applications. These are contingent on that the study of the heavens, the comparison of the stars is more easily conceivable than knowing what lies hidden beneath the earth. Duality exploits the reality that the arrangement of stars above corresponds to earth attributes below. Thus if a mountain range and particular hill location has already been established as a source of a particular mineral, its corresponding location in the heavens, and all such similar locations would share the similar characteristics below. Prospecting for minerals with certainty is thus greatly simplified and this was the science by which the ancient world discovered prosperity without measure, and without the rigorous, redmentary and tenuous ‘modern’ prospecting methods. All they had was look at the stars and drop them to the earth for comparison.

Within the established fields of study as practised today, including theology, the land of Eden remains lost and essentially relegated to mythology. Most who aspire to quest the knowledge of Eden end up missing it out altogether through the defiling of wisdom by reprobate religiosity. Where once religion was a true reflection of ideas true and noble, it has to a large extent degenerated to dogmatism. Conversely others deliberate then that the locations of Eden, or Shamballa, are mythical and not a real place or history of the world. Yet it is in succinct detail that Eden is described such as in the bible. If one were describing a mythical place, they would rather make vague references but not specify details such as that which has been employed in describing Eden.

Of Eden the Bible in Genesis Chapter 2 versus 8-14 it is written:

 And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.
And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.
The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;
And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.
And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.
And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria.  And the fourth river is Euphrates.

The river that went out of Eden herein spoken does not describe an ordinary ground running river but expresses the heavenly hydrological water movements as the real ‘headwaters’ of all the world rivers. This dynamic sky river system however runs above established and known lands below. This river system running high above in the sky is the headwaters of the world’s rivers running transverse across continents and oceans in straight planes. The simplest representation of these planes is what is described in Genesis above. Rivers flow from precipitation accumulated in the mountains and other areas that attract high rainfall. The rain in its place is resultant on the dynamic evaporation, transpiration and the atmospheric pressure differences resulting in winds which drive the rain clouds holding precipitation to the locations that the rain is to fall. The planet is therefore articulately designed with plains, water bodies, highlands and mountains so as to achieve the optimum dynamism for the hydrological cycle. The landscape of the planet then has determined the availability of fresh water upon the planet and subsequently the location of human settlement and activities. The starting point is evaporation and transpiration, which are occasioned by the heat from the sun. The sun is the driving force of the hydrological cycle, pumping up the water into the heights of the heavens, where by design it cools and condenses to form the rain clouds, and driven by the winds will fall down again in a different location from where the upward pumping occurred.

Through the identification of one of the headwaters of Eden to the mountains of Ararat in Turkey, as the source of the River Euphrates, and Tigris, most scholars in the subject of Eden had attempted to place Eden some place in Middle Asia. They generally argue that the other two headwaters were rivers whose topography the earth has changed since then. In effect, they are saying that they can’t derive the location of Eden without further revelation as to what the other headwaters were. Yet others resolve that Eden being a sacrosanct estate must have been migrated from the earth to some other heavenly sphere. All are profound theories which however can never be scientifically substantiated.

Scientifically though, the motions of the planets in relation to the sun has been astutely observed. The earth in its revolutions around the sun and its rotations on its axis both wobbles and is tilted at some degrees which both enhance the changes in seasons upon the planet. The wobbling and tilt are thus a specific design parameter in the mechanical engineering of the earth organism. From a position of the earth, we decipher the sun to move from the tropic of Cancer through the Equator and to the tropic of Capricorn then back cyclically each set of annual seasons. Whereas we realize that it is not the sun that moves but the structured wobble in earth’s revolutions around its star, the resultant dynamism as extant is likewise what our wise ancestors had observed. For as the most irradiated swathe of location on earth migrates from north to south and back, it demarcates two diagonal paths which cross at two locations on the earth, ideally. The one path is as when the location receiving greatest and direct perpendicular illumination systematically migrates from Cancer through Equator to Capricorn. Then also is the return.

When the sun rays heats the up the earth, the dry land heats up much sooner and warmer than the water bodies and the seas. In the night, the earth cools at a faster rate than the water bodies. This is owing to their specific and diverse properties. At the coastal belt, this phenomenon results in the sea and land breezes. For the warm air rises up and a cold front then has to migrate from the cooler regions to fill up the space. In the morning therefore, the breeze will blow from the sea, while in the evening, whence the sea retains the warmer air, the breeze will blow from the land.
The land itself warms and retains or reflects heat differently in respect to the diversity of the materials its diverse regions are composite of. Within the mapped earth, the one side of it is the extensive Pacific Ocean, where the dry land mainly occupies the other side. Now it does so happen, that the land mass on the planet is after a certain design that warrants, a certain belt of greatest illumination of land mass as opposed to surrounding water bodies, as the systematic migration of the illumination moves within the tropics. This belt is the diagonal from the Islands of New Zealand and terminates at the State of Washington in the Continental USA. This designated pathway of the sun is the initiators of atmospheric pressure differences that are resultant in air currents which we call winds. From the simple effect of land and sea breezes inception then systematically develops atmospheric pressure belts which occasion the development of the planetary wind systems. The winds in turn move the dry or moisture-laden air through diverse locations on the planet to precipitate as rainfall. This is the inception of the planetary hydrological cycle, a centralized global system, so long as the earth shares the one sun. This swathe of land mass and water bodies is in effect the earth’s natural thermostat powered by the dynamic balance of its peculiarly sructured landforms and water bodies.

The intuitive mind will at first deliberate that indeed there ought to be a spectral illumination pedestals all throughout the planet. As indeed the earth is rotating on its axis each day and as such, the mid-day sun falls upon each location on the same latitude equally. This is so. However, there just happens to be a series of chains of Islands and shallow ocean waters across the diagonal plane from New-Zealand to Seattle, Washington. The region is optimally designed within its particular land forms to receive and react to the sunlight in a specific and peculiar manner. It is therefore not a question of the sun’s illumination motions only, but of the land forms design which receive the illumination. These landforms have been structured in a particular manner so as to dynamically instigate differential pressure belts, create winds and collect optimum moisture and dump maximum precipitation within and around this particular swathe of land form and ocean. It thus creates a humongous hydrological system stretching from the South-East-East to the North-West-West of the globe, split at its centre. This is some location close to the equator.

Above this pedestal of the sun’s illumination on the planet then is to be located the head waters named in the reference to Eden. As this path generally runs from East to West, another influence to the global hydrological system is to be found from the North sweeping to the South, again within the greatest stretch of land mass to be found within the tropics, which is within whence the rays of the sun impact most perpendicularly. This stretch of land is to be found from beyond the Ararat mountain of Turkey into Russia and south ward to the southern lands of Africa. It is likewise a dynamically structured swathe of land mass and water bodies, so engineered to optimally facilitate the global hydrological cycle and dynamics.

maximum irradiation on the earth regions

Fundamentally, the resultant precision of the sun’s path that causes optimum thermal-and hydrological effects is within the extent of the tropics. Its centre has to cross some place across or near the earth’s equator. According to Jewish tradition in regard to the head waters of Eden, the rivers circumnavigate the globe and return to that same origin. Whereas this is self evident of the hydrological cycle, the allusion serves true likewise of the sky-rivers occasioned by the solar disc tracks upon the earth, and the inherent properties of the designated paths. The diagonal resultant paths of the sun qualify then as only two head waters with their inverse diagonals being the return, as also from the equator, the apparent motion of the sun is observed to move to Cancer and back to the Equator, then to Capricorn and back to the Equator. The Equatorial centre thus is the origin of the headwaters, which flow each way and back, circumnavigating the west and east of the earth’s planes the north and the south.

The Egyptians clearly understood the effects of the sun orb and its relative motions between the tropics as the true source of the inundations of the River Nile, which is the only specific river that is generated from two of the sky-rivers. They likewise presented this reality of natural phenomenon as best as they could, in both artifacts and latter in their hieroglyphics. Whereas all other world rivers have the source of all their tributaries from the same headwaters, only the rivers with sources at the earth navel have the possibility of co-joining tributaries hailing from different headwaters.  

In a map of the world major rivers, it is notable that a majority of the rivers have their sources along the planes within the tropics where the optimum conditions for precipitation also prevail. Key World Mountains, lakes and also underground aquifers likewise lie within these planes. An explosion of the plane from New-Zealand to across the Indian Ocean would show a chain of Islands lie along it. Islands infer that the waters around them are shallow and hence will warm up more speedily than the deeper lying waters, whence also in the oceans the differential temperatures initiate complex air currents that end up birthing seasonal winds. It’s these winds that then carry the precipitation-laden clouds onto the land. The same serves true of the mid Atlantic pressure system and the precipitation of both Europe and North America.

These land masses are therefore articulately sculptured to enhance the inception of pressure systems, and optimal collection of moisture in such a manner as to provide precipitation to most regions of the world. It is clearly a global coordinated event where each of its integral locations serves to enhance the whole. As in the issue of any chain, its weakness then is dependent not on the entire condition of the whole, but on the weakest link. In the global hydrological system, the optimal regions ought then to remain preserved in their most natural and primal states to preserve the integrity of the entire.

However, it has not been so, but humanity has been especially uncouthly interfering with the essential structure of the hydrological dynamics by creating barriers of concrete jungles where primal green jungles once stood. Miles and miles of asphalt roads presently criss-cross the regions that are not yet bedevilled by the cities. These roads in effect confound the original system in which the pressure belts served which then systematically and adversely affect precipitation distribution and quantities in the world. And that is the chief manner in which world problems have been created, from the ignorant or otherwise occasioned destruction of the key natural ecosystems.

Jewish tradition in the Talmud Berakoth 31B/32B narrates an interesting anecdote that regards the Garden of Eden. Whether a historical fact or a legend, it has a certain King Alexander seeking to travel to Africa, beyond the mountains of darkness. He is guided by the elders of the South as to how to achieve his quest. Which was to use Libyan mules that can travel in the dark and he is said to have gotten first to Africa, then unto the gates of Eden. But he was not allowed entry. In most of religion, the original science based mythology eventually becomes contaminated by lack of their true and meticulous inferences. That Alexander the Great was to visit Eden in Africa may have been a revision of an older legend of Eden’s location, probably pertaining to a more ancient hero. The essence however we learn from this Talmud narrative is that to locate Eden, one requires guidance from the so called Elders of the South, and one need to read the constellations of the stars correctly, as with the Libyan mules that can travel in the darkest of night. Navigation betides in all ancient times employed the stars for both direction and times. One also needs to identify the mountains of darkness, which is to relate to the principle of duality, in which, the stars in the darkness of night sky, relate to earth features, water fountains and mountains. These then would be the inference of the mountains of darkness, also called the mountains of the moon in parallel legends. It is only by relation of the constellations of the stars, to the earth features, that the principle by which Eden and its rivers can be discovered. One may begin by the presumption then that the Talmud is describing the constellations and navigation by the stars of the night as the means by which Eden is located.

In regard to the sky rivers correlation to the Head waters of Eden then, the comparison ought to be as follows. They are noted as Head waters for their elevated position in the Sky hydrological system.

The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.-

Pison, according to Strong’s Hebrew means Dispersive. Pison then is the dispersion of waters towards the western arms of the sky-rivers from the focal centre in Africa. The northern arm is the flow of departure while the return is the southern arm. Then the continent of America, both North and south are the ‘whole land of Havilah’, where there is much gold. The ancients certainly knew of the ‘unknown’ lands of the west, and also knew of their riches in gold. The Onyx stone is possibly the Pearls, which is a kind of brilliant stone that is formed by Clams or pearl oysters. The south pacific and the Mississippi were known sources of the pearl. Within the modern base of knowledge, we presume to have discovered America in the 14th century AD, and found it to be the land of much gold. Incidentally, immediately from the focal point towards the west, even the continent of Africa had its cities of gold such as Timbuktu, and precious stones, even to the present day. The countries of West Africa are clearly known to this day to have much deposites in gold and certainly lots more than their counterpart in the east. Along this plane are birthed the great rivers of the west, beginning with the Nile, the Niger, the Senegal and across the Atlantic to birth the Colorado, the Mississippi and the rest of the great rivers of America.

And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.-

Gihon is by Strong’s Hebrew reference of a stream. And Ethiopia is also referred to as Kush. This is the short southern arm that extends to the south of Africa. Along its plane commences the great rivers of Southern Africa, namely the Orange River in South Africa, the Zambezi, the Congo, and so on. Compassing the ‘whole’ land of Ethiopia would also refer to the ‘rest’ of the land of Africa or rather to ‘complete the land of Ethiopia’, as indeed, with the point of bifurcation of the river from Eden being in Africa, then Africa benefits from each of the headwaters before they spread out beyond its land.

And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria.-

Assur, the root word of Assyria means to proceed forth, in a straight line. Thus the Hiddekel, which most biblical protagonists on its subject misinterpret to be the Tigris, was the sky-river that proceeded towards the east in a straight plane. When the land latter called Assyria is moved out of the reference, the east of the bifurcation point then serves as the appropriate reference. The arm of the hydrological cycle operating in the Indian Ocean is Hiddekel, and is indeed from its dynamics that most of India and China, which are to the East of the land called Assyria, garner their precipitation withal. Its return arm from the Korean peninsula across Central Asia in the North east Monsoon winds completes the Eastern cycle of the Hiddekel. Though the rivers of Asia seemingly arise from the mountains of the continent, the true headwaters, is actually this plane in the Indian Ocean which initiates the northward flow of moisture towards these lands and mountains.

And the fourth river is Euphrates.

Again with Strong’s Hebrew to the rescue, the original name of this river is ‘per awth’ whose meaning is to break forth, or rushing. The fourth sky river hence breaks forth, which is to suddenly, or unexpectedly emerge. Both the Euphrates and the Tigris, contrary to assertions commonly made, are not two distinct rivers but tributaries of the same river sharing the same water shed, which is the Mountains of Ararat in North Eastern Turkey. The northern plane from the point of bifurcation is the general head waters of the Euphrates. The Ethiopian highlands and tributary source of the Blue Nile pertain to the same head waters, making the Nile to be peculiar in that its headwaters are both the Euphrate's plane as well as the Pison's. The Nile delta then, bore both the riches associated with the Pison as well as the Euphrates. It is on this basis that the Egyptians concluded the Nile to be of circumspect importance as in essence was just named ‘the river’, other than of course being that its rise and fall enabled the civilisation of their land.

To establish the precise point of bifurcation of the earth sky rivers, the consequential location from whence the sky river commences precipitating the earth and from whence it branches into its four head waters, which location happens to be in the centre of the garden of Eden, then one must consult with the Elders of the South, and employ the Arabian mules which find their direction in the night, which is to say utilize the wisdom of the relation of the constellations to the landsforms of earth, in particular the elders of the south to the mountains of darkness.

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