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Prophecies- predictions of what come to pass

Mûgo wa Kîbiirû, is a renowned seer of the Agîkûyû. His name means the Seer who discerns in the great fog-kîbii. There is not much presently known of him presently except for bits and pieces of his prophecies, which by and large have been left to the hearer’s discretion and interpretation, often with suggestions. It is generally supposed that he lived before the scramble, partition and colonization of Africa; else his pronouncements about the coming of the Europeans to the land of the Agîkûyû would not be considered as, predictions of what would happen in a latter time. His designation as a seer with ability to discern in the thick fog, may also be in reference to numerous persons holding that office, of lead seer among the twelve seers of the Agîkûyû fraternity. The particular name of Cege wa Kiroobi- the hardworking, would have been his particular identity. His dedication to the worship of N-gai is commonly related, else again he would not be granted the authoruty and pronouncemet of prophecies. Below are some of the prophecies attributed to him, and their probable fulfillments.

Thîka meteorite fell in Kenya and was of prophetic timing and proportions in regard to the parameters of its fall. With the loss of the Arathi and having the nation uninitiated in the ways of Ngai, there was no value nor divine reckoned from it, albeit it could be the refernce to the Mûgumo wa Thîka prophecy being marked from the celestial dominiuon.

‘A bright fireball in multiple pieces was observed from southern Kenya traveling to the northwest around 10 am on the July 16, 2011. Residents around Kiambu County in the Thika District reported multiple loud explosions and loud screaming noises, with ground shaking. The first piece (~2.5 kg) landed within 1 m of a woman tilling her field in the village of Kihiu Mwiri. This meteorite was subsequently removed by the military and taken to the University of Nairobi. Multiple pieces were then found in the nearby village of Mwana Wikio. Two meteorites smashed through greenhouses in Mwana Wikio and one through a house in nearby Muguga village. Stones were recovered from a 7.7 × 1.6 km strewnfield bearing N30°W. The main mass, 3.575 kg, was found outside Rose Kamande’s house in Kihiu mwiri the day after the fall. Total known mass is currently 14.2 kg and totalling 14 individuals, distributed primarily as large stones, e.g., 3575 g, ~2.5 kg, 1.75 kg and 1.3 kg. Only a few small stones have so far been recovered. All stones were recovered before rainfall.’

The general location where the above Thîka meteorite fell is around the eastern sacred mountain of the Kikuyu, called Kîrîma-Mbogo. The general location is also home to the Fourteen falls, so called for their elaborate fourteen number of separate channels that composes the fall since antiquity and when at one time it was seen by the British explorers who so named the feature. It still has the individual fourteen channels the last time I checked some years past. The meteorite was accompanied by a loud thundering which was heard around the mountain up toTala and likewise there was a slight earth tremor. The significance however of the meteorite is not in its manner of falling, but that it fell in the ‘Plaza’ and it scattered, dancing across the strewn field, removing its mask, that is revealing a certain and definite attribute of itself. The prominent attribute to note is that it fragmented into 14 retrievable pieces, which weight according to our present weight criterion at 14.2 kilograms, and its location was the home of the monumental Fourteen falls. This number fourteen indicates in Kikuyu society architecture the eons of existence as above described. That was its significance back in July 2011 and to the present, when Astrologists are still gallivanting in the heavens with their massive telescopes, collecting and searching new data appertaining to the universe, being thus uninitiated into the truth of the universe, have been unable to resolve or discover the relation of our planet to the rest of the cosmos.

Which relation and relevance has since the inception of the cosmos been elaborately made clear and preserved upon the monuments of earth, the mountains, hills and fountains of waters, in both their Sanskrit name, as well as their relation to the stars of the Universe. The significance of the Thîka meteorite was as an independent confirmation of the anciently established method of reckoning eons and its confirmation of the soon to follow change in the eons of existence, not only for the planet earth, but for the rest of the Cosmos as well. The meteorite announced the passage from the generation of post independence Kenya, to a final generation spanning 7 years, in which the world realizes the earning from its previous two generations, the fruits of destruction. The seven years shall be expiring in July 2018. Prophecy is worth observing. And the world indeed is reaping from its sowing as is witnessed in all the chaos and destruction sweeping across the earth.

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