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Global predicament

The elemental riposte

It doesn’t require special skills to realize that the earth is dying. The ineffable realization that the prospects of life on the planet are diminished is the excruciating reality. Resultant of successive generations of erroneous earth use practices by humans, the critical injuries against the earth’s life imbuing systems are now reprising as global pandemonium, and ultimately should result in the demise of our civilization. Nevertheless, a solution
exists, in the annals of ancient wisdom, one when duly implemented, will enable the earth to recover, and in turn will foster the restoration of all life, the eternal life, as espoused in the earth dream of generations, through discovery of the earth's atmospheric rivers and their relevance in the earth sciences of the future. An abridged version of the title 'Ronata Rajabhu'.

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Ronata Rajabhu

the one and only manifest and certain victory of existence

The tree of life is the structure through which the essence of life is propagated from the Source, the Creator, to the creation. Each planet which supports life of essence has this particular assembly in place. The science of the Axis Mundi is long forgotten by the present inhabitants of earth, with most wrongfully presuming it was an historical reference of uncertainable mythologies. Yet the tree of life, and the science associated to it, is the priciple of knowledge upon the earth, the Philosopher's stone and the panacea to all ills and evil on earth since since antiquity. Its location in Eden is retrievable through intelligent application of linguistics in topology names, and in accurate astronomical observations and relation of how the heavens relate to the earth.

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Ultimatum for Evil and Rebellion

the time prophecies of the Holy Bible

Jesus Christ stated the famous declaration that details of the day of the Lord was not known to anyone then. That was about two millenia ago. He did not state that it would never be known, else all he time related functions and prophecies, a manifested in the bible, would have been inspired to no avail. No word is given from the mouth of God, without cause and destiny.

The 2300 years prophecy from the days after the kingdom of Grecia, to the cleansing of the earth sanctuary:

The 1260 years from the time when the papacy attained temporal power, to when this power is destroyed:

The 2520 years accounted from the kingsom of Nebuchadrear, to when the kingdoms of earth are taken over by the peoples of the Christ:

The 1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 days, marked for the last days of the kingdoms of men:

And many more. With their end times all converging within the same epoch of the end of the world of men, when the world of the spititual is born.

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The Alpha Rogito

the first title of earth ownership

Why were the great pyramids at Giza instituted, alongside all the other great pgyramids phenomenon globally? It has been suppossed the pyramids were constructed as burial monuments for the great pharaohs of the past, yet to the present day, science is not able to explain how the building blocks of these giants were quaried and transported to the building site, let alone the preciseness at which they were fitted, and the complex machinery that would have been required to hoist them. The past of the earth clearly suggests of advanced and highly informed civilisations as that which birthed our present world.

Indeed, someone did create the earth, and to stamp his seal of authority and ownership of the planet, the Creator installed upon the earth his title deed of earth ownership. The earth is branded with this title, the Alpha Rogito, which not only illustrates the ownership of the planet, but also that of the universe also. The title also elaborates the lease agreements of the earth to its current inhabitants, detailing the appropriate land use as stipulated in the agreement.

Also stipulated in the lease agreement is the period of lease, as well as the penalties to be imposed for breach of contract. Such was the detail of the original religion of Ancient Egypt, the first guardians of earth realm

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