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The knowledge of Evil

Ûrogi is sorcery, the exercise of ignominy and the lowly debasing attributes. The phoneme ‘ro’ defines the lowest point of descent; hence ûrogi describes the descent into the lowest caste of existence, which is the metaphorical underworld. Unlike the straight path of ma’at, truth and justice, sorcery is the crooked and many ways of transgression. Sin is transgression against the divine law. The divine law, whether in oral tradition or in the written formats, direct or delegated, refers to all the law which promotes the sustenance of life as contrary to the elements which diminish life. Hence the law not to kill or murder, whether attributed to governments or religion is ultimately divine from its constitution. The summary of the divine law throughout history has been presented in diverse forms, as in the law of maat in ancient Egypt, the code of Hammurabi in Babylon, the ten commandments among the Hebrews, or the law of Love from Jesus Christ. The common factor of all divine law as indeed summarized by the theology of Christ was to love God beyond all else, and to love our fellow beings equitably. For since we all love our own lives, then by extending the same respect to the rest of humanity, everyone would be minding the livelihood of the rest of us and that is the rationale behind the divine law, the promotion of life and its tendencies.

Climate change is presently related to the increase in green house gasses within the environment, and this increase subsequently is related to the modern industrial complex, which is increasingly continuing to add on the pollution of the global environment. The driver of the industrial complex however is the individual consumer, who either demands or supposes they require the produce of these complexes. The automobile industry for instance is clearly leading in the emission of pollutants yet almost everyone supposes they require their cars and gasoline in perpetuity. The climate change resultant from our cumulative mismanagement of the environment manifests in the forms of adverse weather and climate, ranging from killer floods to desolating draught. The casualties of climate change are in reality the unfortunate victims of consumerism, and of the individual consumer whose choices in life contributes to the ailing of the planet. It is thus by our small unwise choices, such as driving daily for miles to and from work, rather than share in the public transport, or live closer to work, the expansive house we build at the expense of natural vegetation cover, the side roads and infrastructure we support at the expense of natural farms and forestry cover, the nuclear power plants, and other non renewable power options we partake rather than integrating the renewable power options at our disposal. Each of our decisions and actions in life affect the lives of other lifeforms in the earth we share. The poor choices we make are the weapons by which we murder and destroy the lives of innocents.

Within the spectre of the tree of life, all creatures living within the ecosystem of a singular tree have to foremost mind the welfare of that tree, which is the source of their livelihood, else they perish. The archenemy of their subsistence would be the lowly degenerate who should cut down their tree, or destroy it by digging out its roots. This indeed applies in our own trees, from the family structure, to the society we live in, the countries we share and ultimately the world at large. The world hence is composed of numerous structures that support our existence and civilisation. The laws of our governments are designed to protect the most vital of the structures which support civilisation. Whereas the destruction of some trees does not change the fate of civilisation, if the great trees, such as those we know as countries were to fall, the impacts of their fall is damaging to wide reaches and the destruction of much life. Yet of all the trees in the world, the one of a kind, is the tree of life, the structure by which life is passed on to the earth sphere from the Source, and sustained.

The tree of life is the gateway to both the higher and lower realms. The preservation and enhancement of life and all its attributes increases the magnanimity of the tree of life, and opens the link to the higher realms in a spiral ascendancy effect. The converse is also true. The destruction of life and all its elements opens the portals to the lower realms of the underworld, in its cascade of descent into perpetual darkness and chaos. At any one time in the world, there has been those who are dedicated to the preservation of life, and others, out of their evil nature, ignorance and selfishness, give themselves to the destruction of life. The balance of the cumulative of these two effects is what determines the fate of the world.

But why does anyone seek the destruction of life? The simple answer is deception. Sorcery is the deception that one by personally defiling and debasing themselves from the norms of life, can reap personal benefits from the realm of the underworld. Defiling of self is in the breaking of taboos and living contrary to the divine law, knowingly and in abject rebellion. Thus the acts of stealing, bribery, robbery are a means of seeking self aggrandizement at the expense of the well-being and life of others. The unwise exploitation of resources or the careless disposal of pollutants would be categorized likewise. Within the framework of the tree of life, such deeds contrary to life are comparable to digging into the foundations of the tree, or hacking at its major branches. Waging war against the tree of life is the most deplorable means of sorcery. The murder of the innocents, infanticides, abortions, homicides,  genocides, poaching and indiscriminate killing of wildlife, desolation of ecosystems are but some of the deplorable actions that their engineers use to rouse the underworld to their selfish motives.

Ngîrî îringaga mûkûyû ciana itûre muoyo.
The warthog butts against the fig tree that its offspring should live, forever.
Desire or covetousness causes one to disregard the law, and emanates the impractical.

The proverb compares how the warthog out of ignorance will impatiently butt at full speed head long against the immovable fig tree in bid to bring down the tree and the figs, so as it may feast on them. But the impact will render the warthog dead, whether or not the figs will fall. The tree will remain standing. The offspring of the warthog may be left to momentarily feast on the figs which fall, yet without the protection of their parent, they remain at the unrealistic mercies of the wild. The ripened figs naturally fall off the tree for all animals to feed on, and it’s only the indiscretion and stupid nature of the warthog which misguided him to go against the natural way, which ultimately places his entire family at risk. The fig tree here compares to the edicts of the tree of life, whose fruits are awaited in virtue and at their season. Ngîrî, also means to covet, or desire that which one does not yet have, or the unobtainable. It is covetousness rather than need, which drives men to make choices contrary to the divine laws. Going against the law of the tree of life has its wages in death, and only the variations of covetousness survive, and not the children of the person. For these will likely only tow the line of their foolish parent, by perpetually harnessing the fleeting benefits of the underworld, to their own peril. The children of wanton desire are what live on when sorcery is incorporated.

Ûro-gi, which is sorcery, and encompasses witchcraft, essentially is the occult science of engaging the underworld of the demons, with contractual stipulations and fleeting benefits. It is practised throughout the world in various designations and pretexts, yet its subliminal motif is the destruction of life in exchange for favours from the demon world. The favours being sought range from wealth to health, fame to power, clout, influence and affluence. The kind of favours sought, and their levels relate to the kind of contract to be stipulated. Once the one seeking out the underworld fulfils their initial requirements, they get initiated into sorcery generally and their particular covens specifically, and the rest of the detail of their lives ascribes to the contracts made. The initiation usually is to debase oneself with acts that are contrary to the divine law, ranging from self defilement such as by eating the unclean flesh, as in the unclean creatures, snakes, lizards, sea creatures, and also canniballism (human flesh). Sometimes the initiated are required to continually ingest of the defilement. Defiling of the self by all other means, such as in drug and alcohol abuse, is also directly linked to the inspiration of the underworld in the science of sorcery. The taboos in sexuality too, when contravened serve as initiation and linkage into the realm of the nether spirits. This is the reason as to why our current degenerate and amoral society accepts homosexuality, as the majority of our society, are linked to the demon world through these avenues. Paedophilia, incest or rape, serves both as link to the underworld, and as sacrifice of the chastity of the innocent victims, who get emotionally, physically and morally scathed for the rest of their lives. It is for this reason, the occult connection, that the affluent in society are often to be linked to such debasing behaviour patterns. Beginning from the defilement of self with unclean foods, which in reality destroy the body and elements of our personality, such that our appreciation of truth, and of life are compromised so as we may never extricate ourselves from the harness of the evil influences. The stages are incremental with the broad scheme of holding the prisoner captive to the will and destiny of evil.

There are the high echelons of sorcerers, who prefer not to engage in the rudimentary of self defilement, perhaps owing to their prominent placement in society, and are used to serve the illusion of the benefits of sorcery. These are branded by the demon world with specific requirements that are within their powers to orchestrate and manage, yet without the definite linkage to them. The common requirement usually is the sacrifice in bloodbaths of the innocents. Specific numbers are required in the tally. From the initiation, the life of the sorcerer is determined by the principalities of the underworld, as stipulated in their contracts. The contracts are easy to decipher with the life schemes of their practitioners, as the occult works with certain key numbers. The number 13 and 33 and their derivatives are the choice numbers in sorcery. The complete hour has 60 minutes, and as such, 13 minutes short of the complete hour is the number 47. Removing 33 from 60 also gives the number 27. The complete number in a century is 100, of which less 33 is the number 67. These two numbers 47 and 67 are choice occult designations. The number 94, as a multiple of 47 does feature within these contracts. The intricacies of these numbers, feature in the ages at which the practitioners attain certain goals, or in the ages of their victims, usually close relativess, beneficiaries, associates and friends. It may also feature in the gifts they award their victims to lure them to the slaughter. Or in the tally of the persons whose slaughter they engineer from behind the scenes. There is always a motive to link the numbers and misfortunes to. Instances of accidents, which claim victims within the particular age of the significant numbers, are a clear indication of the involvement of sorcery and demons. In other instances, the sorcerer is required to be the actual tool of death, after which they conceal their deeds by reframing the murder as suicides, accidents or misfortunes.

The number 47, is currently the most prominently used sigil in modern day sorcery of wealth and power. This defaults from that the integral of the numbers are of divine origin, such as in the four quarters of earth, and the seven spirits of God. The number 47 is actually a number of divine protection and authority, in that it designates the power of God to the four extents of the world. In sorcery though, the number is used to deride this power of God. Rather than using the number to extend goodwill and favour to all corners of the world, the demons use this number to broadcast evil and death to all corners of the earth, and harness from all those corners the produce of the earth, in the convoluted scheme of reaping what one has not sown. Thus, the number of the tree of life being 47 is converted from its original use and it becomes the means of death to all others excempting the sorcerers, ofcourse only until the time of their accords is done . Just as in the temple at Jerusalem, only the clean beasts were to be offered in sacrifice, in particular numbers significant to the law, when one offered pigs in the same numbers, their aim was to defile the temple, rather than offer adoration to God. Likewise when one offers humans for sacrifice, rather than the offerings of good will, they sacrifice to demons and not to God, regardless of the numbers they use. Hence the numbers 4, or 7, or the 47, when offered in death of human lives is a sacrifice to the demon world.

All the people on earth belong to only two categories; those who indulge in sorcery, and those who do not. These mysteries are known by those who have engaged in sorcery. Of those who do not work sorcery, there are again two categories, those who do not know about sorcery, and those who do know. It is those who are blind to sorcery, and the works of the devil, which are most prone to fall as victims of evil, either into surreptitious engagement of sorcerers, or as their victims. The advantage of being cognizant of sorcery is such that one can safeguard himself, or rather, distance one from sorcerers and their influence. Get informed. Sorcery always has a post-pay tag.

The most prominent practitioner of the number 47 sorcery is Barrack H Obama. His link to this sorcery is pretty easy to decipher and observe. Yet, he is not the lone US President to have used this sorcery to attain to power. His father, Barack Obama Sr had his own series of misfortunes, first losing his limbs after a road accident in 1970 and ultimately died in another in 1982 during his 47th year. It was at the age of 47 years that Obama ascended the presidency of the primacy of nations, in 2009. His mother died in 1995. It was also a space of 13 years from the death of his mother to when he became president of the USA (1995-2008). Do the math. His vice president, Joe Biden was also the 47th VP of the USA. His career success had been dogged by family misfortunes. He had lost his wife and two children in a mobile accident just a couple of days before his first election success, which had launched his career. The son who had survived in that accident died at attaining the age of 47, still leaving his father basking in his achievements.

The current presidents of Russia, and Israel both first became presidents of their nations at the ages of 47. They both thereafter retained control of their countries, such that they were able to recapture these presidencies, which they are still on. It’s probable that the political machinations in America presently are aimed at reinstalling Obama to the presidency, given that he still actually has the institutions he fitted with personality still working for him. These presidents are pretty crafty in their underhand dealings, severely corrupt in enriching themselves and establishing their lineage of sorcerer families as pseudo monarchies within stipulated democracies. Do the math.

In the year 2010, the land within which the terrestrial tree of life is situated opted to convert this tree into the tree of death, through the inauguration of a new constitution. It was the 47th year since the country’s independence that they choose to do so, for the significance of the numerical link to the occult. The new constitution also divided the country into 47 subsets, each with its own leadership. Hence we get the rally of 47 counties, 47 governors, 47 senators, and other 47 such relations, aimed at concealing the essence of this number in sorcery. Oh, and the constitution was passed by 67% of those who participated in the elections. The first Senate had an extra twenty nominated senators to create a total of 67 in the Senate. It was not however until the year 2013 that the first government under this configuration was instituted. Was it happenstance or an orchestration of this code in sorcery? Do the math.

Jomo Kenyatta, the first President of Kenya was a self confessed practitioner of sorcery. He was brought up by his grandfather, and initiated then into sorcery, as he witnessed himself. In those days as a child, he would have had little choice anyhow. Kenyatta though was the real deal of a power hungry and clever sorcerer. Deception and manipulation were his tools of trade. Thus to date he is associated to the maumau, while in reality he was their greatest adversary. Other than his double speak during the emergency period, which may have been understood in context of the times, his true disposition was realized when after independence, he opted to hold the lands to himself, rather than release the use of land to the communities who had owned it from antiquity. He also sent forces to annihilate the remnant of freedom fighters who knew that there was no freedom for the country yet. The British colluded with Kenyatta to create a hero out of him. They admired his ruthless and sly sorcerying craft. This was the reason why the great generals of the freedom struggle were annihilated, the wise of the ways of ûgîkûyû, such that the rest of the population, being ignorant, would readily accept a leader imposed on them without considering his constitution. They had been driven to desperateness. This was the similar manner by which the British colonialists had imposed chiefs on the nation, from the trash of society. Sorcerers and degenerate persons, who sold the society to the British, the collaborators, were the choice of the British to rule and suppress the Agîkûyû under them. The same fact was employed in the granting of independence, where the British manipulated to install the Arogi into power, as opposed to the Arathi, who had held sway over the land from its antiquity. The vision of the Arogi is null and void, selfish clinging onto power. That of the Arathi on the other hand was the noble encapsulation of the light, from the Creator.

At the time of his death in 1978, his youngest wife and mother to the heir apparent of his state, was at the age of 47. The other party who was involved was the godfather to this child, and was also 47 years of age at that time, Mwai Kibaki. It was this same personage who was at the helm of the presidency in the year 2010, when the constitution earmarked with the numbers 47 was adopted. The old man, Kenyatta would have been at the age of 94 at the time of his death, though this was easy to conceal by not revealing the actual time of birth. A similar tact was employed by the President Moi, when he announced the heir apparent to Kenyatta, Uhuru, out of the blues to contend with his godfather, Kibaki, in a predetermined race with an assured win, whichever way it went. The break off of Kibaki with Moi, when they had all along been two sides of the same coin, owned by Kenyatta, was merely a guise and sleight of hand whose goal was to disquiet the uproar of Matiba and his threat against the Kenyatta sorcery. Most likely two sorcerers pitted against each other.

The heirloom for the children of the sorcerer, incorporated not only the wealth and power garnered, but also the ancestral sorcery, as part and parcel of the package. This is why, back in 2007, the country was bathed in blood, orchestrated by the controversies, as had characterized the ages of Kenyatta and Jaramogi. The 2007 blood birth was blamed on the two minor participants, Uhuru and Ruto, in spite of them having not been the major contenders in that year. This was entrapment to initiate them into the Kenyan sorcery of power. Faced with cases at the ICC, they locally won the elections of 2013, which winning they would shortly have to relinquish if convicted. As the case progressed, so did other parallel occult related manifestations. On September 21st 2013, the Westgate terrorist attack was staged. The day was the autumn solstice and one appropriate for occult events. The staged event took three days to resolve. The resolution was 67 dead civilians, and the terrorists seemily dematerialized to this day. The police as well as the army brought in to resolve the incident were in total collusion of what was going on. Theirs was to stage manage the cover-up, to create diversions so as the 'terrorists' they had engaged to deliver their sacrifice to the world of demons, would get safe passage from the area. Demons in the reality also were in action. Witnesses who approached the ground zero, reported of bodies hung over the top shelves of the Supermarkets, at over 14 ft height. The bodies of children, with parts of their bodies cut out, eyes gorged out or cannibalized, stuffed in refrigerators. What also ties the incident to the president’s family is that several members of the family were at the precinct during the attack. A nephew and his betrothed perished in the attack. That they had been there shopping, and reports by some security attachments who had warned their relatives not to go to the mall in that day, is an intelligence leak with only one explanation, that the event was staged, and the required victims had to be in the precinct for the sacrifice to qualify. And within the year, the case against the president at the ICC was dropped, for lack of sufficient evidence. The witnesses had mainly opted out. The linkage here is simple, stumbling block of a case, sacrifice featuring the requisite number and participation, case dismissed!

The Garrissa university attack was of the similar guide. The case against the deputy president persisted. There is mention that the mastermind of the attack, had posed in photos with influential politicians within the previous years. In the event, the rally of victims was 147. Some sources cite the figure of 148. Here the number exceeded the 47 by a whopping 100. Within the year, the case against the vice-president at the ICC was also dropped, again in pretext of lack of witnesses. The investigators of such incidences belong to the same fraternity of the sorcerers and as such their focus is rather to cover up the reality and fabricate alternate believable narrative.

But these two are not the only events linked to blood sorcery in Kenya. An arson attack back in a school back in 2001 had killed 67 students, a relation of number 67 which signifies that sorcery was in the mix. It was during the eve of the exit of the then long serving President Moi, during whose tenure the hype of demonic sacrifices was so high that a commission was set up to investigate, whose outcome of course would be of no consequence. Nearly all affluent families especially those clinging to power use sorcery in daily practice. The Odinga's on their part excel at pitting the communities in their affluence against those in power. The resultant bloodshed, some carried out by mercenaries, is then blamed on the police for the perfect scapegoat. The innocent souls lost are their particular sacrifice to the nether world. In the past year, the shenanigans as in 2007 were repeated and supposedly when the accounting has been achieved, this time difficult to enumerate as it’s been spread out through several months, the two parties of sorcerers, having achieved their target, unite to fleece the country for yet another season, the sorcery in democracy.

Every people and nation usually are given the leadership they deserve. It is because of the many people reaching out to the nether world that the leaders allowed over the world are of like nature. For the serpent's body can only follow where its head leads. Demonic sacrifices relating to the key numbers of the occult are daily being experienced.

One real narrative I came across some years back was from an acquaintance. He narrated to me how his wealthy uncle had enquired what manner of assistance he required, to get him on his feet. He related that he would require about 80k to start-up on livestock farming. The uncle though gave him 47k, which he put to good use. However, within the space of three months, from out of the blues, his two little boys died, each one at his turn. The parents of his wife came for the wife, and thus he remained. He almost perished within the same year from a freak incidence. He survived but both remained hooked to drugs for many more years.

The other was of a lady who belonged to one of the many Saccos around, and as it goes, eventually applied for a loan. The time she was awarded a loan of 4.7m, she began ailing and died within the year. She had passed on at the age of 43. But four years later, when she would have been 47 years, the truck she had purchased from the loan was washed away by floods, with several dead including her husband, who apparently was just within his 47th year of life. In both events, this Sacco remained to reap from the insurance proceeds.

A person found dead at the age of 47, in mysterious circumstances, usually framed as a suicide is now becoming a pretty common occurrence. And the world is beginning to notice this recurrence of the number in supposed tragedies, questionable suicides and other fatal incidences. Automobile accidents involving number plates with 47 and 67 are examples of the link to demons, in most cases.

The most famous citation of the number 47 is in the AK 47 assault rifle, which is on record as the singular type of weapon to have been used in the most killing of persons since the end of World War 2. The narrative behind the name for the rifle is suspect, as the gun was invented in 1944, and its mass production began in 1948. It is only revised sources which attribute the invention to 1947, and another to 1974, the AK 74, which are wild and inaccurate guesses. Why the 47? Alexander Kalashnikov, the inventor of the weapon, died at the age of 94 years, 23 December 2013, eight days after the burial of Mandela in the South. Alexander Kalashnikov was the king for the North in this occult principle. He was given a state funeral, although he had never been a politician there. Seemingly, his knowledge of the occult had made him attribute numbers for occult related deaths to the weapon that came to be the most successful in reaping for hell. Incidences such  as the Westgate and Garissa university terror attacks  features this particular weapon.

The author who is credited with bringing the Necronomicon into the English language, H P Lovecraft died at the age of 47 years. Now in this 'fictional' book one may begin to encounter the mystery of the number 47 and understand its manifestations and roots.The number indeed is true, and universal, predating the age of humanity. It is the number of power and by which the current world is being ruled. It is a book or sorceries.

In South Africa, the feature of the number was associated with the icon Nelson Mandela. First was that he was detained in prison for 27 years. The second was that the U.N. recognized his 67 years of service to humanity, while he was still continuing to love, and to serve. Then he had to die at the exact age of double 47, the branded 94 years of the occultists, on 26th June 2013, in a charade that kept a dead man alive for a further six months so as to have him attain an extra one year to conceal the double 47 identity. That such a seemingly noble world leader is related to the occult, was to announce to the world that indeed, it was the occult that was in charge of earth affairs. That was in December 2013. It was the one event attended by most head of states, in which they were not only interring the remains of the deceased, but announcing the new world order under the occult of the lower realms. The occasion of South Africa as a southern land stressed the point concerning the lower realms, the South a metaphor for below.

Each region of the world had its own incidences of princely occult sacrifices, related to the numbers 13, 33, 47 and 67, their multiples or instances of their appearances. One need only know the code to discover just how extensive this disease of sorcery has metastasized. The plane crash in Nigeria in 1991 which killed 247 people for instance is such an example. In bid to conceal the numbers, sometimes the timing of such incidences is the key, or a number assigned to particular incidence. In the Togolese incidence in 1974 the President Eyadema was clearly using sorcery by using a C-47 plane to kill his generals as an offering to the underworld, and thereafter blamed the incidence as an assassination attempt against him, bolstering his support by his countrymen. A comprehensive list of these incidences for just a single year, would serve to illustrate this certain fascination with the number 47 and fatalities. Remaining observant of the occurrence suffices to convince one that indeed sorcery is constantly used throughout the world.

Whereas I have voted only a few examples of the country I’m most familiar with, and which ought to have remained pure from the influence of demons, all other regions of the world are suffering worse, if not the same. The blood of innocents is being shed nigh at the behest of demons. Men have forgotten the truth and about the Creator.

Once the participant in the sacrifice is fully initiated through their active participation, then they begin to be driven further into the deception of the demonic enhanced civilisations. Their countries are granted the means to further the cause of the demons, which is active deception. Such include the support of white elephant infrastructural projects, whose main target is to secure power for their initiates in perpetuity. The countries’ not able to pay back are practically forever sold to the masters, the demons, who will then ultimately use the humans as humans use cattle. When thus the entire world is converted to the delusions of the demons, then the Creator shall find no other reason for life on earth. The battle between humans and the demons shall have been lost, by humans. To those who are of the lower world. The Creator is then forced to consider, either to destroy all humanity, with the demons, or in having mercy for the humans, to also take back those who first rebelled and let them forever taint creation with their rebellion. This is the battle for earth which most of us humans take for granted, falling prey to the deception of fleeting vanity, promises of things which are surreal, and bear no intrinsic value in themselves.

But so long as there is to be found any shred of faith as espoused by the Arathi, then the cause of the demons was defeated before it was even conceptualized. The period of this confrontation was time-bound and its time is almost up, for a determination resolution. When faith is still found with the sons of men, then, the demons, in spite of the mileage they had gained, shall be driven back to hell with all their earnings of human souls, of those who sold themselves to the underworld. The earth then is cleansed and a new beginning commenced with the remnant and with truth. This is the reality check that sorcerers need to be reminded of.

The shields of earth- Ngo-Da- God

The earth belongs to its Creator, God, and so does its shields. That the earth has shields, complex defense mechanisms integrated in its constitution, is the loophole that sorcerers exploit, to bend the law of nature to their specific goal. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, is the determination in nature. The forces suppossed to effect these laws, the unseen and the visible, are what the sorcerers compromise to their will. What we see in life is the human agencies and governments mandated to maintain the law. There is also the world of spirits, which has mandate over the deeds of men, and these spirits are intergrated in the defense mechanism of the earth. It is these spirits who get compromised and bound by in the science of sorcery, so as the partakers of evil, rather than reap immediately of their evil with punishment, are granted a period of leeway. Just as how the affluent and wealthy in our societies are able to get away with pretty obvious crimes on the behest of their smart arse lawyers, who bind up the criminal justice system to their will. Yet God can't be compromised. This is the reminder that is ascertained to all practitioners of sorceries in evil, that whatever level of spirits they are able to compromise, and enter into covenants with, as presently people covenant with hell, eventually, according to the divine time frame, their covenant with hell shall be annulled, and they shall suffer the consequences of the choices they made in life.

Consider your options wisely then, Oh man, for sorcery will grant you the desires of your heart, at the price of your own soul. You shall gain the whole world, and do with it as you will, have power over men and women, to kill, destroy or let live at your behest. You seemingly shall be king with none to answer to. But its is only for an appointed time. It may even take your lifetime as branded in your agreements with hell, but you loose to the rest of eternity. Compare then a hundred years of earthly glory, that you can have, if you are ready to pay the price, with murder and defilements as required; against the eternity of life, the complete, fulfilling and glory that shall have no end. Think twice before you make the rash choice of ignorance. Eternal life is real. And also time is up for this earth.

O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph. For the LORD most high is terrible; he is a great King over all the earth.
He shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet. He shall choose our inheritance for us, the excellency of Jacob whom he loved.  Selah.
God is gone up with a shout, the LORD with the sound of a trumpet.  Sing praises to God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises. For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.
God reigneth over the heathen: God sitteth upon the throne of his holiness.  The princes of the people are gathered together, even the people of the God of Abraham: for the shields of the earth belong unto God: he is greatly exalted.

Proverbs 47

And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

Isaiah 28 verse 18

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